Reporting a Potential Security Risk for an IRB Proceeding
The Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada has developed a new form to allow external parties to report potential security risks in relation to upcoming IRB proceedings.​

Policy on Disclosing Information Regarding the Conduct of Authorized Representatives to Regulatory Bodies
This policy sets out a predictable and transparent approach for IRB personnel to follow when disclosing information about the conduct of authorized representatives to their regulatory bodies.​

News for Counsel

New RAD Appellant Record FormThe Refugee Appeal Division has developed a new form to help guide appellants in preparing their appeals.
IAD Information Session for Counsel - Update on Legal & Procedural PracticesThe Immigration Appeal Division is hosting an information session for counsel on March 3, 2016 in Toronto.
Immigration Appeal Division Issues Notice Introducing an Additional Administrative Change to the Appeal ProcessThe Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) has issued a notice introducing an additional administrative change to the appeal process.
Contingency Plan for Strike by Correctional Officers in OntarioThe Immigration Division is putting a contingency plan in place in the event of a strike at provincial correctional institutions.


National Documentation Package Update - 29 April 201629 April 2016-The National Documentation Packages for the following countries have been updated:Afghanistan,Burkina Faso,Botswana,Cameroon,Central African Republic,Chile,Colombia,Dominica,Guatemala,Philippines,Portugal,South Korea,South Sudan and Taiwan.
National Documentation Package Update - April 15, 201615 April 2016 - The National Documentation Package for the following country has been updated: El Salvador.
National Documentation Package Update - March 31, 201631 March 2016 - The National Documentation Packages for the following countries have been updated: Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Burundi, Czech Republic, Israel, Nepal, Peru, Slovenia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and United States.


Refugee Claimant's Kit 
Refugee Claim: Appellant's Kit 
2016–17 Report on Plans and Priorities 

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