Refugee Appeal Division

Launched on December 15, 2012, the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) considers appeals against decisions of the Refugee Protection Division (RPD) to allow or reject claims for refugee protection. In most cases, there will be no hearing as the RAD will base its decision on the documents provided by the parties involved and the RPD record. The legislation that came into force on December 15, 2012, sets out who can appeal to the RAD.

Canada's New Refugee Determination System

The Government of Canada recently implemented several key legislative changes to Canadas refugee determination system. Most of these changes came into effect on December 15, 2012. This includes the creation of the Refugee Appeal Division. For more information on these changes, please consult the changes resulting from new legislation.

How to appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division

  • Once you receive the written reasons for the decision from the Refugee Protection Division, you have 15 days to file a Notice of Appeal.
  • You have 30 days from the day you received your written reasons for the RPD decision to perfect your appeal by filing an Appellants Record.
  • The Minister may choose to intervene at any point in the appeal.
  • The RAD Member makes a decision on your appeal. In most cases, this decision will be provided to you no later than 90 days after you have perfected your appeal, unless an oral hearing is held.

What's New

Important Documents and Forms