Governor in Council Appointed Members

Governor in Council (GIC) appointed members are the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB)decision makers on refugee and immigration related appeals. The statute that governs the IRB provides that members of the Refugee Appeal Division and the Immigration Appeal Division are appointed by the GIC.

Expectations / Challenges of IRB Members

  • As independent single decision-makers, IRB members conduct proceedings in a fair and expeditious manner and render timely decisions on immigration appeals and refugee appeals
  • Members must be highly specialized and trained to conduct impartial and expeditious proceedings
  • Member decisions affect the life, liberty and security of appellants and have implications for the security of Canadians and the integrity of Canada's immigration and refugee programs
  • Members must be willing to work long and odd hours and be committed to personal productivity
  • Members must be committed to work efficiently and in concert with the objectives of the Divisions
  • Members, as public office holders, must comply with the Conflict of Interest Act and the Ethical and Political Activity Guidelines for Public Office Holders.